Harvard ghungroo

Harvard's largest student-run production centering South Asian and South Asian diaspora culture through music, dance, spoken word, skit, writing, and visual art.

Friday (2/25) and Saturday (2/26) at 7pm ET

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Ghungroo on REPeat?

For over 30 years, Ghungroo has thrived in the Ag Theater in Cambridge, MA. Every year in February, people pack into the Ag to watch our production, a labor of love and hard work. Beyond the vibrant music and dance, acting, and art showcased on stage, the experience of sharing the space with you, the audience, is what made Ghungroo larger than life. Though we expected to lose this integral part of the show, we have been astounded by the powerful support and vibrancy that you all, from all over the world, have sent to Harvard Ghungroo 2021. As we navigate the uncharted nature of a virtual show, we have faith that our collective love and dedication to showcase this community’s work has been stronger than the distance separating us.

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