Ghungroo playbill volume 2 is here!

Formerly known as Ghungroo Magazine

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about us

The Ghungroo Playbill is a digital and print publication by and for members of the South Asian and Indo-Caribbean community. We aim to center those who have been historically sidelined in cultural, creative, and political narratives by the hierarchies of caste, gender, sexuality, religion, geography, ethnicity, and language within our community.  We hope volume 2 of the Playbill can be one vehicle towards answering our collective question: how will we imagine a South Asian and Indo-Caribbean creative space rooted in healing, resistance, and liberation?


Our creativity is borderless and world-building. The Ghungroo Playbill accepts submissions of any kind on a rolling basis, and we are always open to collaborating. If you are interested in submitting something or would like to connect, reach out to us via